• Traceability is key in IP food barley
    By Shane FrederickCommunications ManagerSpecialty Soya and Grains Alliance If you’ve heard the term “farm to table” or maybe even “farm to fork,” you know that it’s likely guided many people in their decision-making when it comes to making food choices. Consider reversing that notion. Trace it back. “Fork to farm.” As more and more consumers … Read more
  • Adding Barley to Any Meal
    By Billie LentzCommunications and Marketing AssistantNorthern Crops Institute Saying that you’ll make changes to your diet and actually making those changes are two completely different things. Making adjustments and additions to what you cook can not only be challenging, but also daunting. However, adding barley to your diet doesn’t have to be this way! Try … Read more
  • 3 Things You Should Know Before Adding Barley to Your Diet
    By Billie LentzCommunications & Marketing AssistantNorthern Crops Institute Barley, one of the oldest crops in the world dating back what some expect to be 10,000 years, is often praised for contributions to the beverage industry as a key ingredient to beer. However, its power and potential in the food industry is not something to let … Read more