• Barley’s Human Health Impact
    By Jessie Topp One of the most widely grown cereal grains in the world, barley, has been used as a food and beverage source since ancient times. However, today, its use as a food product is limited. In fact, only two percent of all barley cultivated worldwide is consumed or processed into food products. That […]
  • Improving Anti-Hyperglycemic Functions of Barley Sprouts
    By Jessie Topp Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is among the most significant global public health challenges. The progression of T2D is directly linked to chronic hyperglycemia and chronic oxidative stress. Because of this, controlling hyperglycemia is a key strategy for T2D control. Currently, pharmaceutical strategies to control chronic hyperglycemia use synthetic inhibitors. Unfortunately, there are […]
  • Targeting Type 2 Diabetes with Barley
    By Jessie Topp Today, diabetes is considered a major global public health challenge. In fact, Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is among the most commonly occurring diet and lifestyle-linked non-communicable chronic diseases worldwide. According to the International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization, worldwide, it is estimated that 415 million people suffer from diabetes; more than […]
  • Functional Food and Health Targeted Applications of Food Barley Webinar
    The latest Cereal Innovators webinar will be taking place on Wednesday August 11th at 9:30 am (CDT). Join us to hear from Dr. Kalidas Shetty about barley and cereal grains. This interactive webinar will focus on innovative ways to use barley and cereal grains, and the specific benefits they have to offer. Here is what […]
  • Barley Grading
    Grain grading is a tricky topic. It is important to understand how the USDA classes grain for sale, and what the differences are when buying barley. This blog covers what each USDA grade means, and how barley is categorized. First, barley is graded on a 5 point scale depending on several factors. These factors include […]
  • How to Avoid Barley Lodging
    Barley lodging is one well known difficulty farmers face. Seasonal factors, sowing time, and seed rate can all impact the amount of lodging we see throughout the year. But how can this issue be avoided and prevented as we head into the spring growing season. First, we should know there are two primary types of […]
  • Growing Food Barley
    Other articles on this blog have looked at how barley is malted, processed, and made into food products. But those blogs still haven’t answered the first question. How and where is food barley grown? From planting to harvest, barley goes through many different stages of development before becoming the ingredient we see on store shelves. […]
  • Barley on the go
    This blog has covered the health benefits and uses of barley previously, highlighting how it shows up in your life every day. But beyond the kitchen, where is barley? It turns out that barley can also be found in animal feed, day to day snacks, and places you wouldn’t expect.   In the United States, […]
  • Healthy Solutions for Food Barley Course
    The Northern Crops Institute is excited to announce the Healthy Solutions for Food Barley Course. This course will take place virtually starting on January 26, 2021 and will feature four live video sessions. Designed as an innovative look at what is going on in the food barley industry, this course is a new opportunity for […]
  • Improving Blood Sugar with Barley
    There are tons of ways barley can help keep you healthy, but did you know it can keep you full and help prevent diabetes too? Barley has long been recognized as a healthy whole grain, and all of its nutritious attributes combined pack a punch. The fiber source that keeps you full, provides high nutrient […]
  • Baking with Barley Flour
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Trying to bake or cook with a new type of flour can be both daunting and exciting. Barley flour is no exception. The creamy, high fiber flour requires some new techniques. But first, what is barley flour and how is it made? Barley flour is made by grinding […]
  • How healthy is barley?
    As a food grain, barley is often used in bread, beverages, and as a base or additive to other dishes. It has a long history as a filling, nutritious food. And it turns out that that history comes with some good reasons. When consumed as a whole grain, barley offers fiber, vitamins, minerals, and beta […]
  • How Barley is Processed
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Barley goes through quite a long journey to end up as food. Through planting, growing, harvesting, and processing, this important grain takes time and energy to make into delicious food and beverage products. But there are still multiple types of barley you see in the store. What is […]
  • Fun Facts about Barley
    Have you ever walked through a barley field? It’s interesting to see how barley is grown across our region. This important grain also has some intriguing growth, uses, and history. Here are a few fun facts about barley to pique your curiosity.  Plant Facts: Barley is technically a tall grass. With a stem that reaches […]
  • From field to plate
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Have you ever wondered how barley goes from being in the field to on your plate? Previously this blog has covered barely processing, but what happens before that point? Harvesting barley is a multi-step process that comes with lots of decisions for farmers. From when to harvest to […]
  • Barley: Then and Now
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Since its domestication, barley has basically been used for the same three purposes. Even the earliest civilizations that grew the grain used it to make bread, beer, and animal feed. So, it is fair to say that barley has a longstanding tradition of being a staple grain. In […]
  • Barley in Every Meal
    Barley is an healthy grain that can be beneficial for most diets, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to look for recipes that work. Have you been looking for a bunch of great barley recipes all in one place? If so, take a look at this collection below for barley recipes you […]
  • The Malting Process
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Barley is an important crop for both animal and human food production, but this week we will dive into another common use of the grain. Barley is also used to create barley malt, which is used to make beer, whiskey, malted milk, and confections. Roughly 25% of barley […]
  • Overcoming Unfamiliarity with Barley
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Barley is a grain that is sometimes shied away from in the kitchen. Often times this is due to lack of familiarity or not knowing how to prep it. And although barley has some challenges to overcome before being even more widely used, there are many added benefits […]
  • 9 Impressive Health Benefits of Barley
    Alena Petre, MSC, RD. Barley is one of the most widely consumed grains in the American diet (1Trusted Source). This versatile grain has a somewhat chewy consistency and a slightly nutty flavor that complements many dishes. It’s also rich in many nutrients and packs some impressive health benefits, ranging from improved digestion and weight loss […]
  • How You Can Use Barley
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Barley, we know it is an amazing plant. From the various ways to use it, to all the benefits it provides, barley is a very useful grain. But how exactly can you use it? With all of its versatility sometimes comes confusion about what type barley to use […]
  • Traceability is key in IP food barley
    By Shane FrederickCommunications ManagerSpecialty Soya and Grains Alliance If you’ve heard the term “farm to table” or maybe even “farm to fork,” you know that it’s likely guided many people in their decision-making when it comes to making food choices. Consider reversing that notion. Trace it back. “Fork to farm.” As more and more consumers […]
  • Adding Barley to Any Meal
    By Billie LentzCommunications and Marketing AssistantNorthern Crops Institute Saying that you’ll make changes to your diet and actually making those changes are two completely different things. Making adjustments and additions to what you cook can not only be challenging, but also daunting. However, adding barley to your diet doesn’t have to be this way! Try […]
  • 3 Things You Should Know Before Adding Barley to Your Diet
    By Billie LentzCommunications & Marketing AssistantNorthern Crops Institute Barley, one of the oldest crops in the world dating back what some expect to be 10,000 years, is often praised for contributions to the beverage industry as a key ingredient to beer. However, its power and potential in the food industry is not something to let […]