• Fun Facts about Barley
    Have you ever walked through a barley field? It’s interesting to see how barley is grown across our region. This important grain also has some intriguing growth, uses, and history. Here are a few fun facts about barley to pique your curiosity.  Plant Facts: Barley is technically a tall grass. With a stem that reaches … Read more
  • From field to plate
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Have you ever wondered how barley goes from being in the field to on your plate? Previously this blog has covered barely processing, but what happens before that point? Harvesting barley is a multi-step process that comes with lots of decisions for farmers. From when to harvest to … Read more
  • Barley: Then and Now
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Since its domestication, barley has basically been used for the same three purposes. Even the earliest civilizations that grew the grain used it to make bread, beer, and animal feed. So, it is fair to say that barley has a longstanding tradition of being a staple grain. In … Read more
  • Barley in Every Meal
    Barley is an healthy grain that can be beneficial for most diets, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to look for recipes that work. Have you been looking for a bunch of great barley recipes all in one place? If so, take a look at this collection below for barley recipes you … Read more
  • Overcoming Unfamiliarity with Barley
    By Maddie PattersonCommunications & Marketing InternNorthern Crops Institute Barley is a grain that is sometimes shied away from in the kitchen. Often times this is due to lack of familiarity or not knowing how to prep it. And although barley has some challenges to overcome before being even more widely used, there are many added benefits … Read more