Functional Food and Health Targeted Applications of Food Barley Webinar

The latest Cereal Innovators webinar will be taking place on Wednesday August 11th at 9:30 am (CDT). Join us to hear from Dr. Kalidas Shetty about barley and cereal grains. This interactive webinar will focus on innovative ways to use barley and cereal grains, and the specific benefits they have to offer.

Here is what Dr. Kalidas Shetty, August’s presenter and North Dakota State University Professor has to say about the upcoming “Functional Food and Health Targeted Applications of Food Barley” Cereal Innovators webinar.

Dr. Shetty said about the webinar, “The topics for discussion will summarize health benefits of food barley from our research and from scientific literature. In addition insights about novel metabolic-driven agronomic innovations mainly through seed treatments and food fermentations to improve health relevant bioactives in barley will be highlighted”.

Dr. Kalidas Shetty is Professor of Plant Sciences and Founding Director of Global Institute of Food Security and International Agriculture (GIFSIA) at North Dakota State University (NDSU). Prior to joining NDSU, Dr. Shetty was Professor of Food Science at University of Massachusetts for 20 years. He earned his Ph. D in Microbiology and M.S in Bacteriology from University of Idaho (Moscow, ID, USA) and later worked as a Post-Doctoral Scientist at University of Guelph (Canada), and at National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences in Japan.

Dr. Shetty was inaugural Jefferson Fellow at U.S State Departments and served as a consultant for 5 years. He is author of 225 peer reviewed journal publications, 14 review and concept papers, and 40 book chapters. Dr. Shetty’s research has been cited extensively in peer reviewed journal publications worldwide. He has traveled in over 50 countries and built strong research and educational collaborations with institutions across the world to advance climate resilient-linked health-targeted food solutions and to combat food insecurity and public health challenges globally.

Registration for this event is free of charge, and open to the public. Please click the button below to register for this event.