Types of Barley

Food Barley

Hulled barley has been through very little processing to remove only the outer shell that is inedible. The bran and germ remain.

Pearled barley does not have the hull or the bran.

Hulless waxy barley does not have the hull, but has the bran germ and endosperm.

What Can Barley Be Used For?

Malt barley is used in the production of alcoholic beverages, primarily beer.

Food barley is used as a type of grain within foods.

Livestock feed barley is a type of barley that is used to feed livestock animals.

About 75% of barley produced is used for malt and food barley. The remaining 25% is used for livestock feed.

What’s the Difference Between Six Row and Two Row Barley?

Six row barley has a symmetrical center along with two lateral rows of kernels.

Two row barley has only the symmetrical center of kernels, not the additional lateral rows.

Six row barley typically holds more protein and enzyme content. Two row barley has more carbohydrate content and a different taste.