Push for Food Grade Barley

Barley has been proven to be a heart-healthy ingredient for humans, which has prompted farmers to push for food-grade barley consumption. Read more about the push to expand the barley market in our latest article by Capital Press. https://www.capitalpress.com/ag_sectors/growers-push-for-food-grade-barley/article_e41f36d8-62b1-5f6c-9879-936fc81ddde2.html

Plant-Protein Production Facility

EverGrain Ingredients recently began its operations in their new plant-protein production facility. Read more about how they use the new facility to create protein ingredients from barley in this article by Baking Business. https://www.bakingbusiness.com/articles/56726-evergrains-plant-protein-facility-now-operating-in-st-louis?e=david.boehm@ndsu.edu&utm_source=Baking+Business+Daily&utm_medium=Newsletter&oly_enc_id=6466E7000234B7Z

Barley Guide

Learn about barley in this plant guide from the United States Department of Agriculture! This guide includes: Description Adaptation Uses Ethnobotany Status Planting Guidelines Management Pests and Potential Problems Control/Cover Crop Termination Seeds and Plant Production Cultivars, Improved, and Selected … Continue reading “Barley Guide”

How to Juice Barley Grass

Add some variety to your diet with barley grass juice! Read more about how to juice barley grass in this article from Cultures for Health. https://culturesforhealth.com/blogs/learn/sprouting-how-to-juice-barley-grass