Sponsor Spotlight

Steven Edwardson | North Dakota Barley Council

  • What is your role/position at ND Barley Council?
    • Steven Edwardson serves as executive administrator for the ND Barley Council.  The role involves implementation of projects and procedures as directed by the board of directors.
  • Tell me a little bit about what the ND Barley Council does.
    • The ND Barley Council:
      • Supports research and development of new barley varieties.
      • Provides education to buyers on barley production and procurement practices.
      • Develops markets for barley in the domestic and international marketplace.
      • Supports agricultural policies that are beneficial to barley producers.
  • General status of barley in your industry/future of barley in North Dakota?
    • Barley has become a specialty crop that is essentially an ingredient produced under contract, with the majority of the production targeted to the malting and brewing industry.
    • Barley is also an ingredient in pet food.  Approximately 25% of North Dakota barley production is utilized in pet food.
    • Barley will continue to be produced in North Dakota provided it is profitable in comparison with other crop enterprises.
  • Why did you decide to sponsor Think Barley?
    • Because it is important to continue to promote barley utilization as a food ingredient as well as an ingredient for malting and brewing.
  • What do you want people to know about Think Barley?
    • Think Barley is an excellent site for learning about barley utilization and supply.
  • Where would you like to see Think Barley in the future?
    • Think Barley should consider expanding the depth of information for barley utilization in food ingredients as well as malting and brewing applications.
Steven Edwardson, Executive Administrator, North Dakota Barley Council

Think Barley is a great source of information for anyone seeking knowledge on barley utilization.