Healthy Solutions for Food Barley Course

The Northern Crops Institute will be hosting their online Healthy Solutions for Food Barley course from January 15 – 25! This course is an effort to give people in the food barley industry an in-depth look at all aspects of barley for food: breeding, nutritional benefits, barley food product launches, barley food trends, processing, transportation, contracting and securing supply.

Major topics participants will learn about include:

  • Barley Breeding Program – NDSU & Montana State University
  • Nutritional Benefits of Food Barley and Health Claims
  • Quality Characteristics for Food Use of Barley
  • Food Barley Product Trends
  • Current and Potential Markets Worldwide
  • Overview of Current U.S. Barley Market
  • Food Safety and Traceability
  • Virtual Tours of Processing Facility
  • Barley Production in the Upper Midwest
  • Baking Demonstrations with Barley Ingredients
  • Beta-glucan Extract Processing
  • Transportation and Logistics

This course is designed for those individuals involved with securing a quality supply of Identity Preserved food grade barley for their own use or for their customers! This course is only offered online, however there will be opportunities for live Q&A sessions. We encourage you to enroll by clicking here! Registration deadline is January 2, 2024.

For more information on the NCI or to register for any upcoming courses, please click here.