Barley on the go

This blog has covered the health benefits and uses of barley previously, highlighting how it shows up in your life every day. But beyond the kitchen, where is barley? It turns out that barley can also be found in animal feed, day to day snacks, and places you wouldn’t expect.  

In the United States, one primary use of barley is in animal feed. Roughly 60% of all barley produced in the US goes towards feeding livestock. Barley is used most heavily in cattle feed, but it also ends up in swine and poultry rations. Depending on how it is processed, barley can be used as an energy giving grain or belly-filling roughage. With different processing and feeding methods, barley quickly becomes a multi-use feed stuff.

But barley also feeds more than just livestock. Barley and barley byproducts can also be used in fish food, dog treats, and other. It is a great nutritional source of fiber for dogs, and provides fish with a balanced meal.

While barley is great for feeding animals, it is also a good source of nutrition for people on the go. Even if you aren’t cooking with barley on a regular basis, you’re probably still eating some. That’s right, barley is a key ingredient in some snacks and on the go food items. The grain is often included cereals, granola bars, pretzels, and baby food. Because it is a good source of fiber and nutrition, barley is easily incorporated into everyday favorites.

So even if you don’t think you’re eating barley, odds are good that it is somewhere in your pantry or cupboard. In short, this versatile grain has many functions outside of the kitchen, and still works to keep you healthy and full.  

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