Barley to Beer Course

The Northern Crops Institute has recently launched their on-demand Barley to Beer Course! This course provides participants with information on how to successfully choose high quality malting barley, as well as a basic understanding of the malting process and the brewing of beer, through networked lectures and video tours. This course is available now and participants can complete it at their own pace.

Major topics participants will learn about include:

  • Beer History
  • Barley Breeding
  • Basics of Brewing
  • Introduction to Malting
  • Beer Styles
  • Terrior
  • Hops
  • Perspectives of a Craft Maltster
  • Virtual Brewery Tours
  • Virtual Malt Plant Tours

This course is beneficial for craft brewers, craft maltsters, researchers, on-boarding brewery employees and anyone looking to learn more about barley and beer! This course is only offered on-demand, however there will be opportunities for live Q&A sessions. We encourage you to enroll by clicking here! Course registration costs $100.

For more information on the NCI or to register for any upcoming courses, please click here.