High-Barley Diets + Pigs

Learn about the considerations that go into feeding animals, such as swine, high-barley diets in an article from Feed Strategy. https://www.feedstrategy.com/blogs/feed-ingredient-insights/blog/15540836/feeding-highbarley-diets-to-pigs

Regenerative Barley Starch

Learn about regenerative barley starch as it’s used in climate-friendly products in the article from Anora Industrial. https://anoraindustrial.com/en/regenerative-barley-starch-is-raw-material-for-climate-friendly-final-products

The Future of the Barley Market

Learn about the future of the barley market and how it’s estimated to increase in an article from GlobalNewswire! https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/02/09/2604667/0/en/Barley-Market-to-Top-US-32-901-6-Million-by-2033-as-Sales-of-Food-with-High-Nutritional-Benefits-Boom-Read-In-depth-Report-by-Future-Market-Insights-Inc.html#:~:text=The%20North%20America%20barley%20industry,CAGR%20between%202023%20and%202033.

Understanding Barley Genetics Through Drought Stress

The primary barley growing regions in 2021 experienced more drought than normal. Learn about how prolonged drought periods, like the one in 2021, are used to better understand barley genetics in an article from the American Malting Barley Association. https://ambainc.org/news-details.php?id=6476205a1716d

Dogs & Barley

Barley is packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for both human and pet health. Learn more about adding barley to your dog’s diet in this article by MasterClass! https://www.masterclass.com/articles/can-dogs-eat-barley