USDA Barley Grading Handbook

Check out this link published by the USDA for more information on barley grading. Here you will find how barley is graded and what the specifications are.

Barley Grading Standards

Check out this resource for more specifics about barley grading. Here you will fond the U.S. barley grading standards guide, and gain a better understanding of what goes into high quality barley.

Potential health benefits of β-glucan from barley and oat

This article by Wiebke Schlörmann and Michael Glei highlights the health benefits barely provides through beta-glucans. This important nutritional aspect brings added value to barley. Click the link below to read more.

Balancing demands for quality and yield in barley

This article by Julienne Isaacs highlights new barley varieties and how they are impacting the industry.                                                                                  Balancing demands for both quality and yield in barley | Country Guide (

Barley research in the Northern region

This article highlights the University of Minnesota’s barley breeding and research. This type of scholarship happens across the Northern plains in order to better understand barley and continue growing a high quality, productive crop.