Barley Milk

What is barley milk?

Take Two, a beverage company, partnered with EverGrain, a sustainable alternative of Anheuser-Busch InBev., to create a new plant milk made from upcycled barley grains. The new alternative, ecofriendly milk is very nutritious, containing 5 grams of protein per serving, more calcium than dairy milk, and less sugar than other plant-based milks.

Barley milk has great nutritional benefits, but it also is a win for sustainability. Barley milk is created by upcycling huge amounts of nutrient-dense brewery byproduct that would otherwise go to waste or be used for livestock feed; and no, this milk does not taste like beer! Take Two founders and EverGrain work together to source tons and tons of the byproduct and create two products; one made from barley protein and one from the spent grain fiber. They then spend time adding protein powders and using natural processes to achieve a product that is not only sustainably created, but also tastes good.

Barley milk is available in four flavors: unsweetened, original, chocolate, and vanilla. It can be used as a dairy alternative in cereals, coffee, smoothies, and even a replacement in baked goods.

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